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Personal and Small Group Training

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what are clients saying?

Diane is a true professional, full of knowledge, creative ideas, and is passionate about what she does. She has been thoughtful in her critiques for my improvement and pushes when she knows I need to work harder. I believe she has taught me close to 100 new exercises. We continue to set new goals together and that helps me stay motivated with my diet and training. - Lou P.

Diane's "partner workouts" were EXCELLENT!  She kept us guessing and developed routines that my wife and I could do together even though we were at different fitness levels. They were appropriately challenging and had great a great balance of cardio and strength training with each workout. She also went above and beyond to help/assist with nutrition recommendations.  I would highly recommend Diane to people of all fitness levels and goals. - Kris K.

It really makes a difference when working out with Diane rather than just following a workout video. She helps keep me motivated with positive reinforcement and follow up instructions. I feel more relaxed after beginning this program with her and I am even sleeping better at night! - Dena S.

Diane is absolutely fantastic - it was an easy decision to hire her as my trainer from the very first meeting. She really took the time at the outset to understand a bit of my history, my goals for the personal training, my attitudes about exercise and built a program that has kept me engaged for nine months thus far. - Mike B.

She designed workouts that were ever changing and extremely challenging, but not intimidating or unmanageable. I have achieved a fitness level that I have not seen in years! Diane is top-notch and I highly recommend her! - Nicole M.

Working with Diane as my personal trainer is the best decision I have ever made! Plus now I know I have glutes...and where they are! - Ronn F.

I’ve heard some smart people say that the best thing you can do in life is invest in yourself. Having Diane bring her experience, sense of humor, & dedication into my efforts was one of the best investments I’ve ever made. -  Pasquale M.

Diane - Ace Certified Personal Trainer

a little bit about me...

Hometown: A Georgia Girl but now calls West Grove, PA home

Favorite Vacation: Any place to enjoy a bit of adventure + R&R


ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Physical activity keeps the mind sharp and the body able.

Feeling good, moving with confidence, having more energy, continuing to do the things you love…these are a few of the many benefits of choosing a healthy lifestyle.

Life is busy. It takes you in many different directions. Take the time to take care of yourself so you can enjoy what life has to offer. The combination of exercise and a sensible diet will help you build a solid foundation for long term health and happiness.

My mission is to give my clients the tools and motivation necessary to help them reach their individual goals.

favorite exercises

Pull ups, Planks, Exercises with Dumbbells

areas of specialty

Strength Training

Cardio Conditioning

Core & Balance Training

Weight Loss & Body Fat Reduction

Nutritional Guidance

All Age Group Training

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", creative, passionate, professional, motivating..."

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